Fiat 500 tour

Back to the ’60


Come with us for a breathtaking morning aboard vintage Fiat 500 and discover Palermo from an unconventional point of view driving this iconic Italian car!

Throughout our various stops you will discover the center of the city and many of the places we normally visit with our walking tour, but also the surrounding areas, like Mondello or even Monreale. An informative orientation briefing on basic Italian street rules, how to use the stick shift gear and drive your FIAT 500 at best will follow. Once you’re confident with the car off you go, ready to drive.

Duration: 4 hours


Fiat 500 made Italy’s history

The Fiat 500 is a four-seat, small city car that was produced by Fiat from 1957 to 1975.

Launched as the Nuova (new) 500 in July 1957, as a successor to the 500 “Topolino”, it was an inexpensive and practical small car. Most of the Italians used to have one, so that it became one of the symbols of Italy.

This car is still today in everyone’s memory, so that in 2007, the 50th anniversary of the Nuova 500’s launch, Fiat launched another new 500, stylistically inspired by the 1957 Nuova 500.

Fiat 500 tour: let’s drive everywhere!


While driving this small car, we will be able not only to discover the heart of the city, but also to travel to some areas outside of the center.

For instance to Monreale, the Mount Pellegrino, or also Mondello, the beachside of the city, it will be a fun driving experience, but also a way to discover Palermo from an original point of view.