Erice and Segesta

Landscapes and history


Erice and Segesta: two amazing places in the province of  Trapani!

The temple and the theater of Segesta are two of the most beautiful classical monuments in the world and they tell us about the origins of the Western history: they related with the Elymians, a mitologica population who escaped from Troy, and with the Romans.

After that we move along through olive groves and vineyards, reaching Erice, a small medieval walled town on top of Mount San Giuliano (731 mt) with a breathtaking view on the western coast.

Segesta Temple in the nature
Segesta Temple

Segesta and its temple

Segesta was the main city of the Elymians, one of the pre-Greek population of Sicily. The temple is situated on a hill (at 304m) and it is one of the grandest monuments of Doric architecture. Its 36 columns suggest a deep harmony with the nature that surrounds a mind-blowing Greek architecture. It has never been finished and has been mocking the test of time since millennia. It is immersed in a mystical atmosphere, on the edge of a deep ravine formed by the Pispisa torrent.

The theater is on another higher hill. It dates back to the III-II century BC and occupies a spectacular position, facing the fields and the gulf of Castellammare. Near the theater we find also the remains of the agorà (the main square), but also of an Arabic mosque, a church and a Norman castle.

Erice street
Erice mother church

Erice: a town above the clouds

Erice is a medieval village, where cobbled streets hide small shops, churches, courtyards of private houses and gardens. The millenary charm shrouds this village and will leave an indelible mark in the memory of your trip to Sicily.

Tunisia is 105 miles (170Km) away from Erice and influences the architecture, the food and the mentality of the inhabitants. Specialities like almond cakes and Arab couscous have here the ability to win over any palate.

The Castle (XII century) perched on the mountaintop offers a unique breathtaking panorama, if the weather doesn’t throw a tantrum. From here you can see the three Egadi islands, the city of Trapani and the windmills among salt pans.

The province of Trapani

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