Let’s wake up and dream!

Let’s wake up.

And melt in dreams, colors and gold.

Let’s dream.

And live on art, pearls and marbles.

We will wake-up after a long sleep,

It will be a dream after a long vigil.

All our senses will be awake,

We will be immersed in the beauty .

We will taste life, we will meet again.

It will be us,

After a long winter.

It will be us,


In Palermo.

A new start after the covid

We’ve been shut in for a long time, and the pandemic has reminded us once again of the weakness of the human condition. Faced with difficulties we want to react and rely on the strength of art and beauty. Travelling is a way to enrich oneself: to know new places, atmospheres, people, to taste the food of the place and to exchange the joy of living.

Palermo Wonders wants to start from here: from the strength of art and beauty, because we believe that they express the best of human beings of the past and that they help us to live better, and with more awareness, the present. The future will be beautiful only if we are aware of what we have been in the past and what we are today.

Let’s wake up from our lethargy and start dreaming and imagining a new future through universal art, through the knowledge of the history of other peoples and their way of expressing themselves.

The gold of Palermo

Palermo can make you discover gold: not only the gold of the Byzantine mosaics of a thousand years ago, but also the gold of the mixture of cultures that have lived here, the gold of the joy of living of the people of Palermo, of their spontaneity, the gold of the Sicilian sun.

A trip to Palermo is a complete experience that will satisfy you in all senses: you only have to choose what to look for: art, history, music, literature, local life, food, authenticity, spontaneity, relaxation, joy.