Palermo tour and wine

A relaxing afternoon


Palermo tour and wine is a combination of a light visit of the city center with some relaxing moments and tasting of food and Sicilian wines.

So we will begin with the most important places, like the Cathedral, the Quattro Canti, the Pretoria Fountain and the Bellini square. After the visit we will stop in a very picturesque place, having a glass of wine and a delicious appetizer.

This combination is very appreciated in summer, for example in July or August: we have the possibility to start the visit around 5.30 pm.

Tour and wine Palermo

In our tour we will visit the heart of the city and many of the places we normally visit during our walking tour. We will start visiting the Cathedral, which is like a book showing us all the different historical periods and artistic styles of the city. We will walk along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the oldest street of Palermo. We will get to the Quattro Canti square, a real triumph of the baroque and this will be the perfect time for a picture! After discovering the area of Piazza Pretoria and Piazza Bellini, we are going to continue our walk in order to approach the wine place.

Cathedral Palermo

Aperitivo: Italian lifestyle

The aperitivo became more and more popular in the last few years in Italy. After work, instead having a full dinner, many Italians prefer to have a glass of wine accompanied by an appetizer. Since in Sicily we believe in food, here we invented the “aperitivo rinforzato” (the reinforced appetizer): essentially a very generous version of tapas. This is will be an opportunity to taste some typical Sicilian wines ands some Sicilian specialities, like the caponata, in a place that we really love.